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Huîtres Breuil, our company since four generations


Summer 1876, Alfred BREUIL was the first member of our family to start the adventure of BREUIL Oysters. He was the first one who can live on his own work as an oyster-farmer.

His son Alcide carried on with the adventure and started the oyster trade from Oléron to Paris. Since then, 4 generations followed one another with still the same will to keep the quality and the authenticity of a product chosen by loyal professionals for many years. Alcide, André and now Pascal BREUIL always carried on with traditional ways of work.

Huîtres Breuil's company, shooted from sky
Huîtres Breuil, André Breuil is proud of its oysters

Located in Marennes-Oléron, one of the most famous areas for oyster production, Pascal and his staff work with passion to propose healthy products with a unique taste.
To mingle modernity with traditions, dynamism and respect for the product, are values that we are proud to defend.

Huîtres Breuil

Rue de Chatain
17560 Bourcefranc-le-Chapus

05 46 85 43 73